...needed for churches in england

Volunteers are needed to help Baptist churches in the UK. Some are too small to afford salaries.

Experienced pastors and lay leaders, whom God calls to pastoral ministry, are needed as interim pastors and university students are needed as youth workers. Both can answer the “Macedonian Call” to serve in the UK.

The UK church will provide airline tickets, furnished house, and a car for interim pastors and room and board for youth workers. Assignments of six-months are typical. American interims will receive no compensation.

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August 6, 2018

Latest News

by: Chuck McComb

We’ve changed some things about our web site and I need to ensure that I can post updates. So, I’ll simply write about what is currently going on with our interim pastor and youth worker ministries.

First–interim pastors. The short answer is that we are currently helping no British churches with volunteer interim pastors. We were helping 3 until mid-2017 when all three reached the goal of having British pastors or at least making arrangements for that to happen. Since that time we have learned that 5 British churches may possibly be considering inviting some of our folks to help. Only the Lord knows what their decisions will be, but we are eager to help if the Lord directs them to us.

Second–youth workers. In early August 2 youth workers will return to the USA and we hope another one will get her visa in August to go to the UK. Malorie McGuff from Ft.Worth, TX is finishing almost 2 years work at Bootle Evangelical Church in Bootle, Cumbria. She will continue her university education upon arriving home. And, Ashley O’Bosky is finishing her 10 week assignment at Clare Baptist Church in Notinghamshire. She will return to her middle school teaching assignment in Lubbock, TX a few days after she gets home. We thank both of them for their hard work and advancement of God’s Kingdom in the UK. Alana van der Maas has applied for a visa to go to Enon Baptist Church in Sunderland in early September. She plans to help out there for a year. We are excited about her ministry at Enon.

We would be most grateful for prayers that the work that AIPM volunteers have done over the past 18 years including the work of these young ladies and prayer for future opportunities for both interim pastors and youth workers. And, prayers are appreciated for candidates for positions that the Lord will open up.

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