...needed for churches in england

Volunteers are needed to help Baptist churches in the UK. Some are too small to afford salaries.

Experienced pastors and lay leaders, whom God calls to pastoral ministry, are needed as interim pastors and university students are needed as youth workers. Both can answer the “Macedonian Call” to serve in the UK.

The UK church will provide airline tickets, furnished house, and a car for interim pastors and room and board for youth workers. Assignments of six-months are typical. American interims will receive no compensation.

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January 15, 2015

Latest News

by: Chuck McComb

Since John Ward’s retirement from Dow Chemical Company in Freeport, TX, he and his wife, Jan, have served 2 assignments in England and began their third in November 2014. They are at Bootle Evangelical Church in Bootle near MIllom in Cumbria, UK.

John and Jan Ward--ready for any kind of weather

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