March 13th, 2013

Innovative presentation of Gospel in UK schools

By: Chuck McComb

Greer Monson is a 2012 Graduate at Dallas Baptist University and is originally from Ephrata, WA, which is near Spokane. She has served 3 times as a volunteer youth worker in England. She took a semester off in 2010 to serve and returned for the summer of 2011 building on the relationships she had already built. She visited the church on her Christmas break in 2011 and returned to begin a one-year assignment in the summer of 2012. Not surprisingly, her one-year assignment may stretch into 2 years, such is the value placed on this inspiring young Christian’s efforts to serve her Lord. Following is a “Praise the Lord” report on a current outreach effort by Greer and her colleagues:

GenR8ting a love for Jesus

I have been working with Melton Mowbray Baptist Church near Leicester, England (120 miles north of London) on and off for the last three years. I serve as their youth and family worker. My role with the church has been to plan weekly clubs and monthly events for all ages.

Greer (on right) and 2 team members

The more I work this job the more I realize, I don’t work a normal 9-5 job but rather a relational (and more rewarding) one. This year I have had an opportunity to serve on a schools assembly team called GenR8 (British schools are required to have an assembly of all students at least once each week). This ministry originated in Cambridgeshire and is starting to expand over the country. The main aim of GenR8 is to reach children with the gospel in a fun and interactive way.

We, as a team of three or four, go into the local primary schools once a term and bring the gospel through song, puppets, skits, and tons of fun!! We are currently doing our Easter assembly in 20 different schools in a two week period this term. That is about 2,700 students who will be hearing the gospel!! Is it just me or is that EXCITING!! There is a lot of preparation and energy put into each assembly but it is so worth it!! Walking through town, I have had children ask me if I would be coming back to their school or pointing at me and explaining to their parents she is from GenR8.

Working overseas can be difficult and there are times that I wonder why I am so far from home. BUT I know what I am doing is building His kingdom. The job may not give instant rewards but the reward we do get is a joy which is unexplainable; a reward which is out of this world!! So as you go about your day, I ask you to be praying for me, my team members and the other 7 youth workers serving in England with American Interim Pastor Ministries. Be praying for energy, passion, and for a constant reminder of how big God is! Remember; whatever you think, do, and say may it be for the glory of God and you too will cause others to GenR8 a love for Jesus!

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