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Dennis and Brenda Greer Interview with Baptist Union

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Dennis and Brenda Greer
Abilene, Texas

At the close of Dennis and Brenda Greer’s six-month assignment at Ducklington Baptist Church in July 2010, Mary Parker interviewed the couple. Mary is the Resource Development Coordinator in the Mission Department of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

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Dennis was the first American interim pastor that Ducklington had engaged to do voluntary pastoral ministry. He and Brenda thoroughly enjoyed their time there and were blessed to be a part of that fellowship.

Four Interim Pastor Assignments in Seven Years

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Darrell Grice (wife, Faith) has had four interim pastor assignments in the UK in seven years. We asked Darrell and Faith to comment on their experiences in these four churches. A common thread in their assessment, “What a joy it was to serve these loving, responsive and committed congregations. We made many dear friends during our interim in these churches and continue to keep in touch with them. Faith and I have been blessed beyond measure.”

Darrell and Faith Grice
Richardson, Texas