March 10th, 2012

AIPM as seen by American interim pastors.

By: Chuck McComb

The Northern Baptist Association in England helped AIPM record testimonials from two British church secretaries and two American couples. Links to Youtube videos of these interviews are listed below. These videos are directed toward Americans who might consider becoming candidates for interim pastor in British churches.

We are grateful to Angelia Pino, Chruch Secretary of Westoe Road Baptist Church in South Shields, UK and to Dennis and Brenda Greer for their interviews. Dennis served as interim pastor of WRBC from June 2011 to January 2012. We also appreciate Chris Carey, Church Secretary of Cambridge Road Baptist Church in Middlesbrough, UK, and Darrell and Faith Grice for their testimonies. Darrell and Faith served at Cambridge Road from March to July 2011.

Our American friends who would like more information about American interim pastors–please watch the videos below. To view the entire set of interviews, click on the photo below. This set of interviews tries to address the issues that people interested in serving as interim pastor might have about this ministry. There is a pause between each interview so stay tuned as the system brings up the interviews in sequence. If, during the interview, the video stops briefly, you might pause it to allow more of it to download.

For our British friends—on this web site under “Recent Posts” there is a set of interviews that try to address the concerns that UK churches might have.

If you would like to watch the individual interviews, please click on the links below.

Interview with Dennis and Brenda Greer addressing American candidate issues–served at Westoe Road Baptist Church.

Interview with Angela Pino addressing American candidate issues, Church Secretary of Westoe Road Baptist Church in South Shields.

Interview with Darrell and Faith Grice addressing American candidate issues–served at Cambridge Road Baptist Church in Middlesbrough.

Interview with Chris Carey addressing American candidate issues. Chris is Church Secretary of Cambridge Road Baptist Church.

For information about how this ministry works from an American candidate perspective, please see the comments by Chuck McComb.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to John Singleton, one of the regional ministers of the Northern Baptist Association, for conducting the interviews. And, we are most grateful to Ian Britton of for filming, editing and formatting the interviews.
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