February 6th, 2017

AIPM at Cambridge Road Baptist Church, Middlesbrough – 2000 and 2011

By: Chuck McComb

When we established this web site with the help of Mrs. Heater Sanders (Daughter of AIPM’s VP, Ken Bugh), we had every intention of listing the ministries that we have completed and providing a bit of information about each one. Alas, we have been negligent about this and our consciences are bothering us!

Middlesbrough Baptist Church in Cambridge Road

Cambridge Road BC was the birthplace of AIPM. A deacon at CRBC, John Rhodes, knew that God had called Chuck McComb to volunteer pastoral ministry in his retirement years. John recommended that CRBC invite Chuck to serve as volunteer interim pastor while they searched for a permanent British pastor.

John and Pat Rhodes

Many of the deacons and church members remembered Chuck, Pat, Hugh and Christiana McComb from the late 1970’s when the McComb’s worshipped at CRBC. Chuck was working for Monsanto locally helping build a chemical plant. Chuck and Pat along with a British Couple, John and Margaret Lewis, and a single young male church member, Dave Lancefield, ran the CRBC youth ministry called, “The Saturday Club” during that period.

Chuck and Pat McComb October 1978

Lewis Family USA Trip 1980

Pat, Dave Lancefield (center) and Simon Blake 1976

Chuck and Pat served at CRBC from April to September 2000. Three people were baptized and as the Lord often works, the Northern Baptist Association’s Regional Minister, Rev. David Hunt, learned of the volunteer ministry and recommended it to Thornaby Baptist Church. That allowed the ministry to spread to other UK churches.

David Hunt

As the McComb’s served, CRBC was seeking a British pastor. They called Rev, David Anderson in September 2000 so the McComb’s came home.

Much later on, in 2011,CRBC was without a pastor and invited Rev. Darrell and Mrs. Faith Grice to serve as their volunteer interim pastor for a period of about 4 months. The Grice’s provided a “healing ministry” to help the church move beyond some disappointments. When the Grice’s left a local British pastor took over as interim and continued until a permanent British pastor was called.

Darrell and Faith Grice (Served 5 times with AIPM)

It is worth noting that over the years, CRBC has had a number of youth workers from the USA and their ministry was very well received.